Timelines and Plans of a Third Culture Kid

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At the verge of my 30th birthday I started to think about all the goals I have set in my twenties. Goals I was sure to reach before that age. Well I am not thirty just yet, but I came to realize that, after all, it is better not to set a timeline for one´s own life.

I wanted to get married (well looks like I will do that very soon actually), have children, have a house I can call my own (on the way, yay!), have my own business (nope, not happening yet), and have time to run a blog (let´s give it a serious try, even though my agenda does not look like the one I would like to have). But instead of concentrating on all those plans, I took the decision to culturally enrich myself, so here I am, let´s brag.. Altogether I lived in four countries, I speak six languages, I worked in different branches,  I read tons of books (and even more magazines) and I travel here and there from time to time (as soon as my wallet allows it).

I really did enjoy my twenties, I got to know so many people, and I learnt so much. But the time has come for me to find a place I can call home, to have a comfort zone and to start being selfless.

So today I begin a new journey, the direction has changed but the means haven´t. I will remain the eternal child I am, but I am getting married very soon (tips and hints will follow after I am back from my honeymoon), I collect experiences on pretty much an hourly basis and I learn everyday something new.

Born in Italy to a Hungarian mother and an Egyptian father, and soon to be the Mrs of a German man, I can definitely call myself a real third culture kid, whilst it is hard for me to call any place home, I am pretty happy to have encountered such a mix of beliefs in my life. I plan and drive German, eat and dress Italian (ehm or more like minimal Nordic?), dance Egyptian, party Hungarian and love like all of these countries put together.

It might not be as easy as it seems, and in a way or another I am home and yet a foreigner in all the countries I have lived in, but I know I love and enjoy every minute of all I do, through the good and the bad.

I am looking forward to putting down my journey into words.

If you would like insights or to just share your experience, just drop me an E-mail.

Have a lovely day and stay tuned!


Pete ♥


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