5 Tipps to properly keep your skin hydrated in winter

Hey guys, I hope you are doing great today 🙂 I know I know, it is freezing outside..but hey, it is so nice and Christmasy, you just gotta love this time of the year.

But do you, just like I do, tend to have a very dry skin, especially in winter?

The cuddles time of the year is nice, but even though sitting by the fireplace in the comfort of our home is really relaxing, our skin does not feel the same way about it.

In winter my face, for instance, feels very dry, especially in the morning or after washing it in the evening before I go to bed. Not only my face but also my hands are quite dry this time of the year. Of course, we can blame this on the stinging cold, but we ourselves are part of the problem and can do something about it.

Buying a hydrating cream is usually not enough and will probably not do magic on the long run, nevertheless, it makes sense to get yourself a good one.

In my twenties, I tried a whole lot of different beauty products, mostly from the drug store close to my house (quick and dirty 😉 ), but never really got to stick to one. Now I am 31 and I am happy I finally found out what works best for me.

The most important thing to figure out is whether your skin is allergic to some of the ingredients or not. I noticed, for example, I am allergic to highly scented creams, and to products with a high level of alcohol, therefore I developed my own cleansing routine using a mixture of serums and creams my skin feels comfortable with.

Before having a routine in place though, it is essential to make some small but very important lifestyle changes. So here are my top 5 tips to help you improve your skin before you


Tipp # 1: Stay hydrated!


70% of our body is water, therefore make sure you drink plenty of it! Water keeps your skin moisturized and it delivers essential nutrients to your skin cells. Moreover, water boosts your metabolism, making sure toxic elements are quickly driven out of your body.

So yes, drinking water is the first change I made. In my twenties water was not part of my daily diet, I drank it every now and then, but not always. My metabolism was rather slow, whereas now it definitely improved. I try to drink at least 2L of pure water a day. OF course, it doesn’t always work, but then again, we are not perfect. I became a big tea-drinker as well (usually herbs and green tea) which also contributes to me staying hydrated.


Tipp #2: Do not take very hot showers!

I used to be the biggest hot shower and hot bath lover ever. I could sink in hot water for hours (well I still can actually:)!


However this is not necessarily good, in fact, it is not good at all. Hot water dries out our skin, whereas a milder temperature helps to moisturize it. SO make sure you don’t take too hot showers, at least not too often.



Tipp #3: Make sure your rooms are not too dry!

Do you ever wake up feeling like your nose is blocked and you cannot really breathe properly? Well, that happens because your heaters dry out the air in the room. It is not unusual in winter to overly heat our homes (oh don´t get me wrong, I like it warm too!) but this adds up to the winter stress our skin has. I would really recommend you get a humidifier to make sure the air in the house doesn´t dry up too much.

Don´t want to make the investment? No worries, there is a DIY trick to that, which happens to be very effective as well. Fill a bowl with water and place it on the heater 😉 unfortunately, I won´t be able to that as we have floor heating in our new house, but in the past, it worked just fine for me!


Tipp # 4: Always remove your make up before you sleep!


Now, away from the surroundings and back to our actual skin .. make sure you keep it clean! This, of course, is true not only for winter but for summer as well. Never go to sleep with your makeup on as you will not be doing yourself a favour in the long run. If you know you might be home a little late at night still have some emergency makeup remover wipes in your drawer, it can come in handy – just do not make a habit of it, rather use appropriate products for your skin and remember, a good soap is always a good idea as well (you can check this Clinique Soap right here, for instance, I always have it in stock at home).


Tipp #5: Get a professional treatment every now and then 

Yes, you heard well. I know a lot of DIY works well and we are all just fine on our own, but sometimes those blackheads need to be removed professionally. Do not feel bad about giving yourself some extra care every now and then, you don´t have to go every day, but definitely go at least once before each season, especially before winter (and right after it actually). Depending on your skin type, you will be given some good advice. It is however very important not to fall into the salesman´s trap. Some salons will try to advertise and sell their own products during their treatment: do not make an on the spot purchase. If you feel like what you are using works fine for you, just stick to it (unless a doctor/dermatologist says otherwise). What you should take note of during your treatment are things such as what type of product works for you best (regardless of the brand!) and the frequency at which you should be cleansing for instance.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to take care of yourself, only if you love yourself you will be able to love others and shine bright!

Any tipps I could use or any thoughts? Write it down here, or drop me an E-mail.


Pete x