The quick mommy make up routine

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by any of the mentioned companies. I did not get free samples.

It doesn’t´t matter whether you’re are first time mom, a busy woman or someone who just enjoys those extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning: this morning make up routine will definitely save you a lot of time when getting ready in the morning.

Before I start though, I would like to point out that I am not a make up artist whatsoever: I just truly enjoy experimenting new products, I love make up and skin care. For this reason I have spent quite some time learning about different methods and ways of taking care of your skin. This time around I will introduce you to my mom´s life quick morning make up routine; perfect for women who do not have much time but would still like to look a little put together.

The very first thing I do before applying any product to my face is wash it! And by that I mean wash it properly. I start with soap and warm water, then I apply some micellar water with a cotton bud to remove any kind of “dirt” or sweat. My all time favourite micellar water is from Bioderma: it is one of the few waters that does not cause my skin any rash and does not burn when appllied (please note that my skin is extremely sensitive). After that I was my face with some warm water and I am ready to start my routine.

As a base I always apply a moisturising cream , currently I am using Biotherm products: I have used them for years (along with Estee Lauder) and I can call myself a very satisfied customer: I have a rather dry skin and their products really serve me well. They are very light on my face and are quickly absorbed, as well as they have a really nice and fresh scent (note that in winter I sometimes use a little more fatty creams, the ones from Estee Lauder truly serve their purpose as well).

While I wait for the face cream to dry, I usually brush my hair and try to make it look decent (usually I have a high bun in summer, or a messy pony tail. If I have plans for the day I use my curler or straightener depending on my mood and time). After that I draw my eyebrows (and yes I am hoping to get some microblading done soon, once I decide to truly go for it I will definitely take you with me!); I always use a gel for them which is half a shade lighter than my natural colour. Unfortunately back in the days I used to get my brows done very thin and therefore they stopped growing properly, going out without drawing them now is almost a no go for me!

Once done I apply a very light eyeshadow right below the brow line, and on the inside corner of my eyes and procede to the next step.

Foundation! Yes this is my next step! I absolutely adore the DIOR FOREVER Matt foundation. I use number 2,5, which is slightly darker than my skin tone but it blends as if it was made for my face. I can truly recommend it, you just need a few drops and voila! If the weather is too hot you can skip using liquid foundation and can either go for a BB cream or do like me and apply powder foundation. I use the one by Bare Minerals. It has a fair coverage but not as strong as my DIOR, so it is perfect for a lighter look. In both cases you can choose whether you want to apply some concealer as well or not. I choose to do so but that is mainly because my kids keep me awake most of the night and the bags under my eyes are there to stay for a while. I personally like the Benefit liquid concealer (I take one tone lighter than my foundation) and that´s the one I am using right now.

After I fixed my brows and face a little I go on with my eyes. As of March this year I stopped getting lash extensions done and my lashes are finally getting healthy and long again. I will however get an appointment soon to get some volume worked on them (nothing fake this time around – I will definitely take you with me once I will finally get them done and give you a little feedback so stay tuned); nevertheless I can always use a really good mascara. I have the Dior – Diorshow mascara and find it really good, but I have used ones from YSL and Lancome as well and find them really good too! On a less expensive line, I think L ´Oreal has some pretty cool mascaras too! Note: sometimes I put a little bit of eyeliner on my top lid as well, but very often skip this step to make sure the look stays as natural as possible.

Last but not least I apply some lip balm and lipstick or lipgloss. As of now I sometimes leave that step out if I go grocery shopping or shopping in general. The reason for that is the mask usage. Masks make the use of lip products extremely uncomfortable (at least to me!) and therefore I just use simple lip balm (favourites: Bebe, Clarins, and L ´Occitane). If I apply lipstick I usually go for a nude tone during the day – I think I have every single shade of nude out there! Same goes for my lipgloss, I prefer nude / faint shades for my daywear. I recently discovered a Lip oil / gloss by Dior, which can be used as a topping, as a primer or on its own to give a little shine. I think it is a really cool option for these summer days!

And that´s it! So here is a recap:

1- Clean your face properly and apply a moisturiser; 2- Draw your brows; 3- apply foundation and/or concealer; 4- Enhance your eyes with a good mascara (you can add a little eyeliner too) and 5- Make sure your lips have a nice glow! AND there you are, ready to go 🙂 Ps: In case you feel like your skin is a little too white for summer, you can apply some great bronzer too! I use one by Guerlain and I am totally in love!

Last but not least: If it is really hot outside and I am just going to enjoy the sun, maybe chill by the pool or by the sea, all I do to my face is use a moisturising – maybe tanning – sunscreen, I shape up my eyebrows a little and I have lipbalm with me but that´s about it! I hate the feeling of going to tan and swim with make up on, and trust me, you don ´t want to do that either.

That´s it ladies! I hope you enjoyed my tips, please let me know how these work for you!



5 Things to do everyday to feel better (whether you are a parent or not!)

As a new mother I was very often confronted with new situations, some I couldn´t cope with straightaway, and I sometimes missed the time I had all for myself in the past. I am sure a lot of you know what I mean, you look around and you just see a big mess, you look at yourself in the mirror and feel so consumed, and then you feel like you have so much to do but don´t have the time for. I felt like this at the beginning of my journey as a mother, and even though I love my baby overall, I still felt like I missed some “me” time, which I am not ashamed to say out loud..because I am only human after all, and I am a woman.

As time went on, I decided I needed to optimise my day and figure out a way to make myself feel a little bit more freshened up, I did not want to be one of those mothers who sat home the entire day with her jogging pants on who just did not know what to start with the day (even though I learnt to love those days as well now! Sometimes we all need a break!).

So here are my top 5 daily to do´s to feel better!


Try to get up from bed at the same time everyday, and of course try to sleep the same amount of hours. As a new mum this may sound a little difficult, and it is indeed, but with a little effort and consequence it can really work out. I still wake up about twice at night to feed our baby boy, but I go to sleep right after and it has been working pretty well for me. We follow the same sleeping routing everyday and this helps a lot! Also, snoozing your alarm is not an option! Trust me, it just makes things a lot worse! Luckily I don´t need an alarm: my husband goes to work pretty early and I am just awake when he is, and Liam also wakes up pretty much as the same time everyday 🙂


Morning showers are the best!

The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth, take an extremely quick body shower and do my make up (yes don´t laugh:) to me this is quite key in the morning!). I don´t always do my hair to be honest, I mostly put them up in a bun, but that does it for me as it looks quite fine, some morning I have more time and in that case I either curl them up or straighten them depending on my mood and the weather!


Housekeeping is a bit of a challenge when you have a baby (when you don’t it is as well), and while some have the luxury of a daily cleaning woman coming over, most of us don´t so that we have to split our time between looking good, feeling good, taking care of our baby, going out, go grocery shopping, cooking, doing something fun and sleep..the housekeeping part may become a challenge. So start by choosing one activity per day, for instance laundry (probably one of the most hated ones) or bathroom cleaning (second most hated .. or was that window cleaning?) and go for it. IF you feel like doing more and can, then go for it !


Strawberry Water

Ok, this is something I still need to learn to do, I feel I really don´t drink enough water! But what has really helped is putting my water in a big bottle filled with fresh fruits. Right now is strawberry season, so I go for fresh strawberries 🙂 My goal is to drink two bottles (that would be about 2 liters) and also drink two big mugs of tea (that would be another 600 ml). I call anything above that a great achievement! Water keeps my skin smooth and my body hydrated to it is a very natural way of staying healthy and fresh!


whether this is to watch a movie, to do some online shopping or to simply talk on the phone with someone, don´t forget to do something during the day that really makes you feel better. We are all different but we all deserve some “ME” time. We all have different priorities but try to make “you” your priority once a day!


As a traveling mom, planning trips is always very relaxing to me, so if you are like me, plan (and yes, book!) a trip every now and then !

How about you give these tips a try? If you do let me know how it goes, but if you have other ideas don´t hesitate to share them with me as well! 🙂

A mother´s 7 minute makeup routine

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week, it´s already Friday so weekend is officially on! I woke up at 7 today and nursed my baby boy, then had the luxury of time and had proper breakfast – those with a newborn at home know exactly what I mean when I say time is real luxury.

Again, all new (and not so new) mothers out there know how precious time can be. We don´t get much of it for ourselves and try to do everything at once as our babies sleep…sometimes it is way too much and we look like a mess by 10 am already (haven´t we all been there?)!

Whilst it is ok for a mum to look like third world war is breaking out, there are ways to reduce the side effects, or at least ways to slightly save the appearance, all you need are seven minutes and some good make up!

Before I go on, let me tell you I am in no way a make up artist, I do not follow any make up tutorial channels on Youtube and I don´t really care about what brand famous people use. I firmly believe you have to go with what matches your skin and your pockets.

So now, getting back to the point, as I mentioned above, all you need to fix your morning look are seven minutes and some good make up. I start my morning makeup routine by washing my face with (a very normal !) soap, nothing fancy. Afterwards I apply moisturizer and wait until it soaks in, during that time I get my hair done really quick (usually a quick brush and either straighten or curl up with my GHD products, which are a blessing to my mornings by the way). So once this is all done I start my quick makeup routine.

I gently apply foundation with a makeup sponge (I use brushes when I have more time). I usually take a light coverage MAC foundation in the morning, and make sure it is slightly darker than my own skin. Afterwards I apply some concealer under my eyes and T area. The colous is slightly lighter than the foundation, but I haven´t found the perfect brand for me just yet. I am currently using Lancome but I am not sure I will stick to it.

Moving on, as a third step I apply some bronzing powder (or compact / matting powder) on my face; that is from MAC as well, while as a forth step comes the eyebrow shaping (which I may or may not have time for)..I have to be honest on this one, after pregnancy my eyebrows stopped growing properly and since I can´t go for microblading (I am still nursing), I always need to fill in the gaps on my brows with either a pencil, or preferably powder.. Anastasia Beverly Hills has some really good ones in this case.

Last, but not least, comes the lip balm followed by either lipgloss or lipstick. I prefer lipstick but I go for gloss at times as well, depending on my mood.

And that´s it ladies. You are ready to go 😉 But these are only basics of course, for a night out I usually go for more than just that (for instance blusher, highlighter, eyeliner and co. ) .

Anyhow, let me know your tricks to make it through the day as a mother, woman, and wife 🙂 Hope you find some time for yourselves and enjoy your weekend!



Five things they don´t tell you about post partum

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a good night sleep and are ready for the weekend! I actually had a really good night, Liam slept almost 9 hours straight so I really can´t complain. He is now 3,5 months old and I have to say I am feeling really well. It wasn´t always like this though.

A lot has happened during the first few weeks after I gave birth, most of which I somehow didn´t expect. So here I go sharing with you my top 5 things you (might) go through right after getting a baby that you might not know about just yet.

But hey, don´t worry, there is nothing a woman can´t do, and post-partum is not so bad after all. Our bodies and souls get back to normal faster than you would think, and all of a sudden we feel stronger and empowered, because there is just so much a woman can do!

*** Note: I had a natual birth, I have no idea what happens in the weeks following a C-section ** 

  1. You don´t magically lose your pregnancy weight (and your baby bump) right after giving birth 

If you thought all those pounds you put on during those hard but beautiful 9 pregnany months would just go away the moment you see your bundle of joy, rethink. It is definitely not true, at least for most of us it isn´t.

Right after giving birth you lose the weight of the baby, the placenta, some water and some blood. Now, depending on how much you have put on during pregnancy, this could be about a third of the total extra pounds you have gained. For me it was unfortunately only a fourth of my plus weight (I did gain a whooooole lot though!). This means you will probably look like someone in her 5th pregnancy month, meaning that the maternity pants you bought may still serve their purpose. So do not throw them away the moment you check into hospital for delivery! AND remember to get very comfy pants (and panties) with you to the hospital.

Whilst you might be disappointed by the way you look, you won´t really have time to think about it. The joy of finally having your baby overweighs everything else for sure!

Also, don´t worry! The rest will also slowly (but surely) disappear with time. I still, for example, have only 800grams left to shake off, which is not much at all (given I had put on 21Kg!). It might be a tough road at times, but be reassured, everything does get better, and all those beautiful clothes hanging in your wardrobe will soon enough fit again!

2. Your (natural) birth wounds do not heal overnight 

The pain that comes with natural birth is forgotten the moment you see your little bundle of joy; however there is one or the other thing you might experience right after! I had third degree wounds and at the beginning I could feel pretty much all the stiches I got, which made the whole process of going to the toilette a little scary. Fortunately it was not as bad as I thought it would be, just remember to always use warm (not hot) water right after peeing (it really works magic, I promise), and at the beginning use suppositories (they should give you some at the hospital) if you need to go to the toilette for something else.

I know, this sounds a little gross, but it is the bold truth: you want to avoid haemorrhoids and ease pain (so this is the perfect solution for both). I am sorry this is a little too bold for some of you, but I believe it is important to speak about it! It is also important to mention that you should not use any toiletry articles if you are still bleeding, just use hot water!

I fortunately did all of this right away and had no problems in the healing process, it just all took its time and its course.

3. You might bleed for 6 weeks straight

Yup, you heard that well. Ladies, not having your period for 9 months straight was pretty cool yes, but it all comes back at you at once (but it stops again if you nurse). Just think about it, your body needs to get rid of all that little extra you piled up during pregnancy, the uterus needs to get back to its natural size and shape, and your organs need to get back into the right place and position. While all of this happens, your body naturally gets rid of all the extra and it goes through a well deserved healing process. The bleeding is quite strong at first (so you will need specific sanitary pads at first, I needed those for about 2 weeks, maybe a little less) but it lessen with time, before it stops completely at week 6 the latest. I think I was done by the end of week 4 or 5. At the end is not as bad, it just feels like the last day of your period and normal pads will definitely do.

Again, this might be a gross and very explicit topic, but it is important that we talk about it and share our experience, this is part of a process and it is part of education. Don´t forget to visit your doctor 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth, just to make sure everything is really ok!

4. Breasfeeding is not easy and it takes time to get it right

Whilst it is ok if you decide not to breasfeed and use formula instead (I respect all opinions and decisions), I believe there is nothing better for a child than drinking his mother´s milk. I was told by all the doctors I have seen that it contains vitamins which formula cannot replace, it builds antibodies, and (let´s be honest) it helps the natural healing process of the mother (as well as it helps you lose weight if you do not over-eat of course, the production of milk consumes at least 200 Kcal a day I was told !).

At first it will take (a lol of ) time! I don´t feel like I am ready to share my experience about this with everyone just yet, but I promise breastfeeding took a lot of effort. I even got sick, but fortunately it all went well. Even then, I didn´t stop nursing. After a very long 6 weeks, my baby boy has learnt how to eat properly and did not need any additional food through bottles. If you are facing problems, I promise it gets better. Just stay at it and don´t give up! My doctor adviced me to nurse at least till Liam is 6months old, I am planning to do it until he is 1 (unless something comes in between). We will start giving him food other than milk after he is 5 months and we will see how things will change.

This is a beautiful experience, it is a bond you get to experience only once with your child. Do not miss it if you can, even if at the beginning you might bleed, get milk clogs, and/or get fever. Trust me, it all goes away!

5. Diastasis Recti (or abdominal separation)

This is a condition a lot of woman (including me) have right after giving birth. As your uterus grows, a gap caused by its stretching forms between your abdominal muscles. Let your care provider advice you on what you can do to reduce this gap and to make sure your muscles get into the right place again. I personally did some pelvic excercises and followed all the instructions I was given. Also, I started a 10 weeks post partum rehab program which is really good for my waistline as well.

I now don´t have diastasis recti anymore and can luckily do all sort of physical activities again.


So that was it from my side on this topic for now! As I said, all of the above are just temporary conditions, but it is very important to talk about them and share our experiences with one another.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or else you can write me an E-mail 😉




Hello, it´s me!

Hey there!

I hope you are all doing well, and having the best time… I most certainly am!

As you can see, my page has a complete new look (which I hope you will like!) and a whole new content.

This is because a lot has been going on in my life this past few months, and I feel like 2019 has brought me a fresh new start. First of all, I have more time since I am on parental leave, and secondly I haven´t felt this motivated in a really long time. Also, I have a clearer idea of what I want and how to get there, but I guess this is because I am aging after all *sigh*

…But first things first; let me tell you one or two things about myself. I was born 32 years ago in Italy, where I grew up and spent a big part of my life. I also lived in Cairo, Egypt and in Budapest, Hungary. I am currently living in close to Frankfurt, in Germany.

I believe this whole moving and living in different countries has added a lot of value to my life.. I have learnt about different (ok yes, very different!) cultures – and I have also learnt how to deal with them, which can be really hard at times.

I love to travel, love food, make up and clothes (yup, I am a woman after all), but most of all, I love my family.

As I said, I am on parental leave. My baby boy, Liam, is 3 months old and needs me the most, for this reason I have decided to spend sometime at home with him before going back to work in the (relatively) near future.

Here I can finally expose myself and I will talk about my experiences, about a whole bunch of things which caught my attention, I will give some honest (and trust me, I can be very honest!) opinions, and of course, I will talk about my, bumby but beautiful, journey as a mom.

So stay tuned! There is lots coming up and a lot I want to read your thoughts and comments on!