The quick mommy make up routine

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by any of the mentioned companies. I did not get free samples.

It doesn’t´t matter whether you’re are first time mom, a busy woman or someone who just enjoys those extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning: this morning make up routine will definitely save you a lot of time when getting ready in the morning.

Before I start though, I would like to point out that I am not a make up artist whatsoever: I just truly enjoy experimenting new products, I love make up and skin care. For this reason I have spent quite some time learning about different methods and ways of taking care of your skin. This time around I will introduce you to my mom´s life quick morning make up routine; perfect for women who do not have much time but would still like to look a little put together.

The very first thing I do before applying any product to my face is wash it! And by that I mean wash it properly. I start with soap and warm water, then I apply some micellar water with a cotton bud to remove any kind of “dirt” or sweat. My all time favourite micellar water is from Bioderma: it is one of the few waters that does not cause my skin any rash and does not burn when appllied (please note that my skin is extremely sensitive). After that I was my face with some warm water and I am ready to start my routine.

As a base I always apply a moisturising cream , currently I am using Biotherm products: I have used them for years (along with Estee Lauder) and I can call myself a very satisfied customer: I have a rather dry skin and their products really serve me well. They are very light on my face and are quickly absorbed, as well as they have a really nice and fresh scent (note that in winter I sometimes use a little more fatty creams, the ones from Estee Lauder truly serve their purpose as well).

While I wait for the face cream to dry, I usually brush my hair and try to make it look decent (usually I have a high bun in summer, or a messy pony tail. If I have plans for the day I use my curler or straightener depending on my mood and time). After that I draw my eyebrows (and yes I am hoping to get some microblading done soon, once I decide to truly go for it I will definitely take you with me!); I always use a gel for them which is half a shade lighter than my natural colour. Unfortunately back in the days I used to get my brows done very thin and therefore they stopped growing properly, going out without drawing them now is almost a no go for me!

Once done I apply a very light eyeshadow right below the brow line, and on the inside corner of my eyes and procede to the next step.

Foundation! Yes this is my next step! I absolutely adore the DIOR FOREVER Matt foundation. I use number 2,5, which is slightly darker than my skin tone but it blends as if it was made for my face. I can truly recommend it, you just need a few drops and voila! If the weather is too hot you can skip using liquid foundation and can either go for a BB cream or do like me and apply powder foundation. I use the one by Bare Minerals. It has a fair coverage but not as strong as my DIOR, so it is perfect for a lighter look. In both cases you can choose whether you want to apply some concealer as well or not. I choose to do so but that is mainly because my kids keep me awake most of the night and the bags under my eyes are there to stay for a while. I personally like the Benefit liquid concealer (I take one tone lighter than my foundation) and that´s the one I am using right now.

After I fixed my brows and face a little I go on with my eyes. As of March this year I stopped getting lash extensions done and my lashes are finally getting healthy and long again. I will however get an appointment soon to get some volume worked on them (nothing fake this time around – I will definitely take you with me once I will finally get them done and give you a little feedback so stay tuned); nevertheless I can always use a really good mascara. I have the Dior – Diorshow mascara and find it really good, but I have used ones from YSL and Lancome as well and find them really good too! On a less expensive line, I think L ´Oreal has some pretty cool mascaras too! Note: sometimes I put a little bit of eyeliner on my top lid as well, but very often skip this step to make sure the look stays as natural as possible.

Last but not least I apply some lip balm and lipstick or lipgloss. As of now I sometimes leave that step out if I go grocery shopping or shopping in general. The reason for that is the mask usage. Masks make the use of lip products extremely uncomfortable (at least to me!) and therefore I just use simple lip balm (favourites: Bebe, Clarins, and L ´Occitane). If I apply lipstick I usually go for a nude tone during the day – I think I have every single shade of nude out there! Same goes for my lipgloss, I prefer nude / faint shades for my daywear. I recently discovered a Lip oil / gloss by Dior, which can be used as a topping, as a primer or on its own to give a little shine. I think it is a really cool option for these summer days!

And that´s it! So here is a recap:

1- Clean your face properly and apply a moisturiser; 2- Draw your brows; 3- apply foundation and/or concealer; 4- Enhance your eyes with a good mascara (you can add a little eyeliner too) and 5- Make sure your lips have a nice glow! AND there you are, ready to go 🙂 Ps: In case you feel like your skin is a little too white for summer, you can apply some great bronzer too! I use one by Guerlain and I am totally in love!

Last but not least: If it is really hot outside and I am just going to enjoy the sun, maybe chill by the pool or by the sea, all I do to my face is use a moisturising – maybe tanning – sunscreen, I shape up my eyebrows a little and I have lipbalm with me but that´s about it! I hate the feeling of going to tan and swim with make up on, and trust me, you don ´t want to do that either.

That´s it ladies! I hope you enjoyed my tips, please let me know how these work for you!



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